Green Seaweed Extract Biostimulant

Weight: 1 pound (454g)
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The Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed Biostimulant, meticulously sourced from the highest quality Ascophyllum nodosum, harnesses an advanced whole-seaweed extraction process. This method ensures the complete preservation of all nutrients and bioactive compounds, including a maximized content of natural Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs), without the need for adding dyes, humic acids, or any other carriers. Thanks to the gentle yet effective enzymatic hydrolysis, this biostimulant boasts an impressive over 20% nitrogen and potassium content and a 40% alginate level, targeting enhanced plant growth, improved water retention, and superior soil health, all while avoiding the potential harm caused by strong alkalines or acids.

Employing innovative micro-particle technology through suspension drying granulation, it produces unique green micro-particles. These micro-particles offer an efficient, consistent nutrient delivery system, marking a significant improvement over traditional brown seaweed fertilizers. The design ensures compatibility with a wide array of fertilizers or biostimulants, aiming to elevate plant care routines.

Appearance: Green micro-particle.
Odor: Distinct seaweed aroma.
Alginic Acid: 40% min.
Organic Substance: 30% min.
Nitrogen (N): 4% min.
Potassium (K2O): 16% min.
Moisture: 3% max.
Water soluble: 100%
pH: Ranges from 8 to 10.

Key Features:
1) Whole-Seaweed Extraction: Maximizes the preservation of nutrients and natural PGRs.
2) Nutrient and PGR Rich: Delivers over 20% nitrogen and potassium, and 40% alginate content, enhancing plant and soil health.
3) Gentle Enzymatic Hydrolysis: Maintains the integrity of natural PGRs and nutrients without chemical damage.
4) Innovative Micro-Particle Technology: Ensures efficient and uniform delivery of nutrients.
5) High Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with other garden care and agricultural products.

This biostimulant is ideal for a broad spectrum of agricultural and horticultural applications, such as:
1) Promoting robust growth and health across a variety of crops and garden plants.
2) Improving soil quality and moisture conservation, crucial in water-limited environments.
3) Enhancing plant resilience against environmental stressors.
4) Serving as a complementary component in integrated plant management and care systems.

The Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed Biostimulant represents a sustainable, effective solution for plant nutrition and care, leveraging the potency of natural sources and cutting-edge technology to facilitate superior agricultural and gardening results.

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